there is plenty to do in the area

Besides enjoying the sun, Walcheren has a lot to offer for holidaymakers. For example, go out and take a nice walk in the nearby nature reserve, ‘De manteling’. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in the village of Domburg, or would you rather go shopping in the lively shopping of the capital of Zeeland? Whatever you are looking for Walcheren offers opportunities for both young and old.

The beach

Our beach houses are located on the beach of Domburg. From the houses, the beach continues for kilometers along the coast of Walcheren, perfect for a nice beach walk. On the extensive beach your children will have plenty of space to enjoy themselves while you relax on the terrace. In addition to sunbathing, the beach here offers many opportunities for recreation such as fishing, wave surfing, kite flying and with good wind conditions you can also kite surf here. To rent surfboards or umbrellas you can go to one of the nearby beach pavilions, or sit on the terrace with a drink after a long day of relaxation.

The town of domburg

When you walk through the cozy town of Domburg, you will see the many large cafes. In the main street of Domburg you will find several cafes, bistros and restaurants. Most have a cozy terrace that is generally used a lot in summer. Here you can enjoy many specialties of Zeeland such as mussels, oysters and delicious ‘Schelde’ lobsters. For the sweet lovers there are also the ‘boter babbelaars’ and boluses. A softly turned white bread dough, with a crunchy sugar layer. Traditionally served with a thick layer of butter. Arguably one of the best things about going on holiday is not having to cook your own meals and experiencing local food. So it’s good to know that there is a wide choice of restaurants in Domburg. Most restaurants are open from 10:00 for breakfast and later in the evening after dinner, you can still go to many places for dessert or drink.

Nature reserve de manteling

A few hundred meters further on the other side of the dunes you will find the beginning of ‘De manteling’, a vast nature reserve with beautiful stretches of dune, winding paths through the forest and long rows of trees. Take a nice walk through the forest, take a look at Westhove Castle and visit the picturesque Domburg.

DISCover walcheren

There is much to do in beautiful Walcheren, for young and old. Rent a bicycle explore the nearby cycling routes and tour the beautiful Zeeland landscape.

There are also many nice villages and nearby cities. For example, take a look at Veere with its picturesque old center or the boulevard in Vlissingen, the longest boulevard in the Netherlands! If you are out on a day of shopping, the long shopping street in Middelburg is also definitely worth a visit.

The Oosterscheldekering is also a short distance from the houses and can even be reached via the beach. take a look at the largest Dutch delta work.



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